Kenya: Catholic Sisters urge leaders to 'hear the cry of the people'

 The Association of Sisterhoods of Kenya has issued the following statement: We, the Association of Sisterhoods of Kenya (AOSK), are deeply concerned over the growing violence and destruction of life and property that is causing deep suffering and fear among our people, especially among the less privileged members of our society. We believe that the words of Psalm 94; 7. "O that today you would listen to God's voice, harden not your hearts, are particularly applicable at this time when hearts may have begun to harden as each side holds firmly to their own particular stance. Now is the time to listen, deep within our hearts, to be touched by the terrible fear and suffering of our people, and to show our willingness to dialogue in order to find an amicable solution to the current crisis, in which both sides may feel understood and respected. As we reach out daily to relieve the suffering of people we ask you, our leaders, to listen especially to the cries of millions of innocent people who continue to suffer, especially the young children whose future is in your hands. We have heard people say "Justice must be done and we firmly believe that there can be no lasting peace without justice, however, we are convinced that pressure to achieve justice, through violent or unjust means, creates even greater injustice. We strongly appeal to you, our leaders, both in the Government and Opposition, to find a peaceful solution, rooted in the law, to end this post electoral crisis. As Catholic Sisters we trust you to lead us out of this deadlock through dialogue and other non-violent means into the sacred space of our common humanity, our shared identity as Kenyans and our oneness in, and through, our loving Creator God. We are continually praying for peace, forgiveness of each other and an end to violence. Let each one of us acknowledge our own contribution to this present situation, that has directly, or indirectly, been caused by our words, deeds or omissions, and recognize each other as brothers and sisters, so that we may work together to restore peace in the spirit of our national anthem: "Let all with one accord/In common bond united/Build this our nation together. Source:CISA

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