Cardinal Cormac to visit South Africa

 Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor and Bishop Crispian Hollis are visiting South Africa to meet their brother Bishops and to support the mission of the Church there. They will arrive this weekend and are returning at the end of next week. The visit comes at the invitation of Cardinal Napier, Archbishop of Durban. It takes place during the plenary meeting of the South African Bishops' Conference at Marianhill in KwaZulu Natal. The Cardinal and Bishop Hollis will also be making pastoral visits to local Church projects in KwaZulu Natal. Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor's visit follows Cardinal Napier's visit to the UK last year and visits by a delegation of Bishops from England and Wales to South Africa the previous year as the long-standing links between the two countries have recently been further strengthened. Further details will be released later next week from South Africa. Source: CCN

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