Kenya: bishop advises Eucharistic ban on perpetrators of violence

 Catholics known to have participated in the on-going political violence should refrain, or be barred, from Holy Communion until they seek forgiveness, a Kenyan archbishop said at the weekend. They should realize that the acts they were involved in were sinful as they were against God's will, the commandments and against brotherly and sisterly love, said Archbishop Boniface Lele of Mombasa on the Indian Ocean coast. "I am recommending that where such people are known they should refrain from receiving the Eucharist or be asked to do so. They should seek penance, reconcile and do some restitution. Those who openly and publicly insulted others should do likewise, Archbishop Lele wrote in the diocesan newsletter. He appealed "to the conscience of those with whom we share the Catholic faith and [who] were involved in looting, destruction of property, raping women, girls and killings, to ask for forgiveness. Reiterating the recent call of the bishops of Kenya to embrace healing and reconciliation, the archbishop added that each person should preach love and peace among the different ethnic groups by encouraging dialogue and offering a listening ear. "Make an effort to console each other and with all humility in the pain and difficulties and avoid blame. Archbishop Lele urged the faithful to promote good neighbourliness and to strengthen the section- or village-based Small Christian Communities as a haven for all ethnic groups and cultural diversity. Source: CISA

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