Introducing the British Jesuits on DVD

 A 40-minute documentary filmed over 12 months by a Stonyhurst alumnus has been issued by the British Jesuits. A Year with the Jesuits of the British Province covers many of the features of the Jesuits' work, starting with secondary education and going on to explore Ignatian Spirituality, tertiary education, and the work that is being done in both South Africa and Guyana. The production was the idea of Dominic Hartley, who visited Loyola and Xavier in Spain, as well as the two overseas Regions of the British Province, during his quest to explore what motivates the Jesuits and what missions they are engaged in. The DVD is being offered at no charge as an introduction to the Society of Jesus and a means of spreading information about what the British Jesuits and their collaborators do. Dominic was given access to many different locations and operations during his time of filming. He started at the ordination of three Jesuits to the priesthood at Stamford Hill in North London, before visiting three Jesuit colleges-Wimbledon, Stonyhurst and St Aloysius, Glasgow. The film looks at some of the principles of a Jesuit education, and also considers how the Jesuits are using less traditional means of reaching and teaching people, such as Theology-on-Tap and pray-as-you-go. In Guyana, Dominic met with the editor of the Catholic Standard and learned about the Jesuits' work among the Amerindians of the Interior, as well as filming other aspects of their ministries in Guyana. While in South Africa, his enquiries took him from the comfort of the University of Cape Town to the poverty of Soweto and the soup kitchens of Braamfontein. Back in Britain, Nicholas King at Campion Hall in Oxford explains the process by which he decided to enter the Society of Jesus, before talking about what a Jesuit education offers university students. This theme is continued at Heythrop College in London, and developed further as Michael Barnes leads Dominic Hartley onto the streets of Southall in Middlesex, to explain why the Province's work of inter-religious dialogue is so important. After visiting places of significance in Loyola, birthplace of St Ignatius, the DVD concludes with a visit to Loyola Hall on Merseyside and the Ignatian Spirituality Centre in Glasgow to find out why people find the Spiritual Exercises so appealing. The DVD does not assume to cover every component of the British Jesuits' work, but it does provide some vivid examples of the range of activities in which they are involved, and will potentially answer many of the questions that people ask about the Jesuits - particularly men who are considering applying to enter the Society of Jesus. Although the DVD is being offered free of charge, it is hoped that those who watch it will consider making a donation to help cover its costs. Anyone wanting a copy should contact the Communications Officer, Society of Jesus, 114 Mount Street (DVD), London W1K 3AH.

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