New resource on Mary Magdalene and The Da Vinci Code

 St Mary Magdalene is a major character in the best-selling novel The Da Vinci Code. Her feast day today has been chosen for the launch of a web page with links to resources offering more information about her. Clare Ward, from the Catholic Agency to Support Evangelisation said: "St Mary Magdalene plays an important part in Catholic life. She has a very prominent role in the New Testament part of the Bible. The claims made about her in Dan Brown's book have been the source of heated discussion which many argue are fiction and a distortion of the facts. In a positive sense, what the book does reveal however, is a widespread thirst for the truth. It's at this level that the initiative of the Catholic Enquiry Office can be of service to the novel's enthusiasts. Ultimately, the source of all truth is found in a person - Jesus Christ." Mgr Keith Barltrop, Director of the Catholic Enquiry Office said: "What we wanted to do was to use this wonderful feast day to give fans of the novel the chance to discover who St Mary Magdalene really was and her role in the Catholic Church. Annually she is honoured as an exemplary follower of Jesus Christ and as the first witness to the resurrection; Jesus' rising from the dead. We invite you to use this opportunity to find out more." The Catholic Enquiry Office's web page can be found at: TheDaVinciCode-resources.htm For general enquiries about the Catholic faith or to receive a free information pack contact: Catholic Enquiry Office, 114 West Heath Road, London. NW3 7TX. Tel: 020 84583316 e.mail:

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