Abbot Christopher Jamison offers answers to credit crunch

 The answer to the current economic slump, is a return to the classical virtues, according to Abbot Christopher Jamison.

Speaking to an audience of around 200 people in Westminster Cathedral Hall, at an event organised by a group of young people associated with the Cathedral, the Abbot of Worth was discussing his latest book: Finding Happiness.

The Abbot argues that only through "knowing good and contemplating good" can we lead a truly fulfilling life and the book demonstrates this using the wisdom of the early desert fathers.

The ethics of the economy had been too focussed on "avoiding doing harm to others" and as a result, this excused spiralling greed which lead to the economic downturn, he said.

Using the reflections of early Christian monk, John Cassian, Abbot Christopher argues that it is necessary for people to combat the eight thoughts: gluttony, lust, greed, anger, sadness, acedia (described as 'spiritual carelessness' which the Abbot said could only be combatted with sustained private prayer), pride and vanity.

If we are serious in struggling against these 'demons' then we will begin to understand that it is the joy and delight of doing God's will which can satisfy the longings of the human heart.

After speaking, the Abbot took some challenging questions from the audience which included combatting depression and the true nature of hope. He also spent time signing copies of his new book, which is apparently selling as well has his last book, Finding Sanctuary, which was written on the back of the popular television series, The Monastery.

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