Kenya: we failed love test Catholic Church admits

 The Catholic Church in Kenya has admitted that the post-election crisis in which over 1000 people were killed would have turned out differently had its eight-million-strong faithful heeded Jesus, law of love. Catholic bishops, led by the chairman of the Kenya Episcopal Conference (KEC) Cardinal John Njue, made the apology at the Holy Family Basilica as they concelebrated a thanksgiving mass for formation of a grand coalition government on Sunday. "In the post-election crisis, did we as followers of Jesus Christ love one another? Did the different tribes of Kenya love one another? KEC vice chairman Bishop Philip Sulumeti posed in his homily. "We did not listen to the voice of the shepherd, who is Jesus Christ. We failed to love one another. We sinned by failing to love one another. Protestant and evangelical leaders have also acknowledged failure of their churches, pointing out that the voice of their pastors was "swallowed up by the cacophony of those of other vested interests. Christians should not point fingers at others for the deadly chaos, but should instead accept their failure and seek the forgiveness of God and of the victims of the violence, Bishop Sulumeti said. "Do not point [an accusing finger] at politics - point at yourself. Bishop Sulumeti said he had visited camps of displaced persons and seen for himself their suffering. Of the 350,000 people displaced by the violence, close to 170, 000 are still living in camps across the country. Catholic and other churches were accused of playing divisive politics before and after the elections. Though Catholic bishops repeatedly appealed for peace in the wake of the violence, the calls were dismissed especially by opposition members who said there could be no peace without justice. Source: CISA

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