Haiti: Jesuit declaration exposes humanitarian crisis

 A group of Jesuits working in Haiti has published a declaration condemning the humanitarian crisis related to food shortages in the country. The declaration, issued on 12 April, urges Haitians to continue raising their voices and crying out against the prevailing injustices that rattle the country. Rising food prices is only one problem, one that means that many go hungry. Poverty, insecurity, mismanagement and the inability of successive governments to address society's problems are among the other reasons for the widespread violence, misery and desperation in Haitian society. Add to this the "irresponsibility of the international community [...] which has not kept its promises to Haiti and cynically looks on while Haitian society slips into hell". The declaration calls those who carry positions of responsibility in Haitian society to do their part to remedy the situation, each according to their sphere of influence and abilities. The international community needs to "respect their commitments to Haiti, especially their many promises of cooperation and effective help for the country to emerge from this quagmire." Haitians are reminded that their "strength lies in organised and sustained non-violence. Violence is never effective." In response to the declaration, the Conference of Jesuit Provincials of Latin America and the Caribbean (CPAL) has issued a statement of its own that supports and endorses the declaration and expresses its sadness at the ongoing turmoil. It also expresses its commitment to spreading the word about the declaration. Click on this link or copy it into your web browser to read the declaration: www.sjweb.info/documents/sjs/docs/Haiti_ENG.pdf

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