Zimbabwe: a further eyewitness report

 An MDC activist was in hiding in Harare. Yesterday she decided to go back to check on her house following the threats that Zanu-PF Youth would burn it down. Her house was all right, but her teenage son, left to look after the chickens, was out of food. So far he has managed to escape the all night forced jogging which is meted out to non Zanu-PF Youth. By the middle of the day the Youth were going round the township, banging on doors forcing the people to come to another rally. This began about 2pm. The people were told that everyone must vote, while in the booth they must make a note of the serial number of their voting paper. This information must be handed over to the Zanu-PF Polling Agent as they left the polling station. When the votes were counted anyone voting for the opposition, or spoiling their paper, would 'be in for it.' There will be no protection from MDC Polling agents as they have been pulled out because of the risk to their lives. Later they said anyone voting for the MDC would be killed and burial would not be allowed. After this an MDC lady of about 50 was dragged into the middle of the stadium, made to lie on her face, and viciously beaten. A whip had been made out of tyres, and the rubber edges were sharp. This lady was below my informant in the party hierarchy. At the end she was told to get up and go, but could not do so. It was shouted out that anyone who helped her would get the same treatment. During the meeting others were taken to 'a special place for beating.' Nine - eleven year old children were also taken there and asked if they knew whether their parents, or anyone else was MDC. No one was allowed to leave the meeting which went on till it was dark. When my friend eventually got to her 'safe house', she had a call from her neighbour to say that her house had been visited again and 10 Kg of mealie meal and $10 billion demanded. The neighbour paid up for her. Today the neighbour has rung again to say that the canvas wall of her home had been slashed in the night, and some of her things were scattered around her yard. She remains defiantly a MDC supporter. Source: ANGLICAN-INFORMATION

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