Pattaya Orphanage becomes Thai Children's Trust

The Pattaya Orphanage Trust UK is to change its name to The Thai Children's Trust as from 1 January 2009.

The Trustees have decided that the new name better reflects the charity's programme of work - which recently has extended beyond the resort town of Pattaya, some 80 miles south east of Bangkok, and now operates throughout the whole of Thailand.

The change also denotes another small but important move. In future, where one of the charity's partners carries their work for children across the border into a neighbouring country like Cambodia or Burma, the remit of The Thai Children's Trust will allow it to help them there too.

Andrew Scadding, Chief Executive said: "The change of name makes no difference to the heart and soul of the charity. We remain committed to the welfare of children in Thailand.

"There is no need to change standing orders or direct debits. Sponsorship arrangements are completely unaffected. The old website will run alongside the new website for several months. The charity number will remain the same ­ 1085407.

"Also, support for the projects of our founder, Fr Ray Brennan, in Pattaya will not waver. We have been close for so long."

The new website www.thaichildrenstrust.orguk will be live on 1 January 2009.

Meanwhile the online shop is open for Christmas at


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