London: evening on Open Bethlehem

Could the imprisonment of Bethlehem serve as a window into Palestine ­ the problems and the solutions?

Filmmaker Leila Sansour, founder of Open Bethlehem, will present a unique evening of film, strategy and debate, at Amnesty International UK's Human Rights Action Centreon Tuesday 31 March, 17-25 New Inn Yard, London EC2A 3EA, from 7-8.30pm

Sansour is best known to British audiences for her documentary 'Jeremy Hardy v The Israeli Army' which received widespread critical acclaim and a national cinema release in the UK. She will talk about the inspiring work of her media campaign, Open Bethlehem, and present extracts from her new epic film, now in the making.

The panel will also include  Dr Beverley Butler, senior professor at UCL and advisor to the PA and UNESCO on national museum policy in Palestine, and Paul Hilder, campaign director of Avaaz who helped found, edited Peace  Fire: Fragments from the Israeli Palestinian Story and has worked on the Middle  East with Oxford Research Group among others.  

The focus will be on the impact of films as vehicles for change. You are invited to be part of this process by helping shape the vision for this new film's distribution and by contributing funds to the film and beyond.

To find out more about Open Bethlehem please visit

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