Philippines: website helps fight human trafficking

 A Catholic NGO has welcomed the launch of an online magazine as a step to tackling human trafficking in the Philippines.

Emmanuel Drewery, media and information officer of People's Recovery, Empowerment Development Assistance Foundation (PREDA,) said the new "Newsbreak" magazine, launched on March 5, is another tool to fight the crime online.

The anti-human trafficking magazine invites activists, law enforcers, trafficking victims and others to join forces in combating the crime through its website

The site has investigative reports on relatively unexplored areas of trafficking such as the sale of human organs, as well as a blog where anti-trafficking organizations can share their efforts to fight the crime.

It also aims to help protect and reintegrate trafficking victims, while an online forum helps migrants and potential migrants determine if they have been or are being trafficked, explained Gemma Bagayaua-Mendoza, the magazine's deputy editor.

Drewery said his organization supports such initiatives "especially since child pornography and trafficking are prevalent on the Internet." PREDA, founded by Irish Columbian Father Shay Cullen, focuses on saving and healing abused children and exploited women.

The Philippine Catholic bishops' conference has in the past also called for stronger government response and punishment for people taking advantage of others' poverty, and the buying and selling of human organs.

Source: Fides

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