Books for Green Christians

Two new books by Ellen Teague published this month, examine faith and environmental issues and offer guidance for individuals and groups to lead a greener lifestyle. Ellen is a member of the Columban Missionary Society's Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation Team, based in London.

Paint The Church Green
A group course by Ellen Teague - Published by Kevin Mayhew

Paint the Church Green enables church groups to explore the relationship between faith and concern for the natural world. By highlighting environmental issues, unsustainable development and the link with global poverty, it prompts reflection on western lifestyle and makes suggestions for change. Paint the Church Green features six session agendas: People and Planet, Food and Drink, Battling the Elements, Energy for the Future, Abundant Life, Covenant with Creation. £5.39 from or 0900 612 2186

Becoming a Green Christian
by Ellen Teague - Published by Kevin Mayhew

It seems like everyone is "going green". What about joining them? This booklet will help you to do just that. There are many different ways to be a little greener, such as recycling, cycling to work, reusing plastic bags, reducing food miles and investing ethically. Even growing your own fruits and vegetables is making a comeback among young families, and children have fun doing it.

Working together to be more environmentally responsible in parishes and schools can be pleasurable for church communities too. The book introduces existing initiatives that people can link into, including Eco-congregation, Christian Ecology Link, Operation Noah and the environmental justice campaigns of Christian development agencies. £8.09 + £2.00 p&p from or 0800 612 2186

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