Caritas seeks £5million for Zimbabwe food project

 Caritas Zimbabwe is seeking five million pounds for its proposed food project in Zimbabwe.

Mr Cornelius Munetsi Hamadziripi, from the National Development Commission Caritas Zimbabwe, said the main focus of the projected six months feeding project, would target the most vulnerable: pupils in schools, the sick in hospitals, the elderly and women.

In an interview given during a three-day major conference for Caritas Africa Region workers (March 4-6),Mr Hamadziripi said teachers and doctors will equally be incorporated in the programme because they are already working with schoolchildren and hospital patients.

The proposed feeding program, will supplement the UN World Food Programme, feeding initiative in Zimbabwe which is already underway.

"We are not at zero point on the feeding issue despite the currently country's hard time, " he said. The international community is already giving support through this UN body."

Catholic Sister Aine Hughes , Zonal Coordinator for IMBISA Southern African Catholic Bishops Regional conference told the meeting that many Zimbabweans who had migrated to various countries in the region because of economic hardship were now willing to return home.

She appealed to Caritas Internationalis for funds for a proposed project to support them,

The new political development in Zimbabwe was giving hope for the country's migrants, she said, adding that "any financial boost towards this direction will be most welcome".

According to estimates as many as four million Zimbabweans are currently living abroad.

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