Bishops Conference clarifies position of Pius X bishop

 The Bishop's Conference of England and Wales has issued a statement in an attempt to clarify Bishop Richard Williamson's position in relation to the Catholic Church in the UK.

In the statement a spokesman said that despite media reports to the contrary, Bishop Williamson is not and never has been a Roman Catholic Bishop, pointing out that he is not able to celebrate any sacraments including Mass, nor is he able to preach.

"He is a member of the Society of St Pius X which is not in full communion with the Catholic Church. His Episcopal ordination was illicit and is not recognised by the Catholic Church," the statement continued.

"Furthermore the Catholic Church has condemned his stated views on the Holocaust. Those views h ave no place in the Church and run contrary to Catholic teaching."

Bishop Williamson arrived in the UK yesterday morning after being asked to leave Argentina following an interview last month when he questioned the truth of the genocide of six million Jews by the Nazis during World War II.

first posted 26 February

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