Unique travel guide: Good Night and God Bless Volume 1

 Unique travel guide: Good Night and God Bless Volume 1

Good Night and God Bless Volume 1, by Trish Clark, is such a great idea!

Beautifully-produced, it is the first in a series of guides to convent and monastery accommodation for tourists and pilgrims travelling in Europe. It offers details of hundreds of places to stay, along with reviews, directions, information about pilgrimage sites and tourist activities as well as some very entertaining anecdotes.

There is advice on how to find the former Cardinal Ratzinger's favourite restaurant; details of ancient monasteries in the Czech Republic which are being re-claimed by the religious orders which established them and slowly being returned to their former glory; a string of health spas run by Austrian nuns; information about concerts and plays, lessons in art, cookery and music - all of which can be  enjoyed in a convent or monastery.

These accommodations are located in diverse places ­ in medieval palaces, fronting onto grand piazzas, in the centre of bustling towns and cities, in lush countryside surrounded by lavender fields, vineyards and olive groves. But all warmly welcome overnight guests. And all are ideal for people on a budget.

Volume 1 focusses on the Czech Republic, Austria and Italy. The  second volume, to be published in 2009, covers the convents and monasteries of France, Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Part of the proceeds of this book are going to the Sisters of St Joseph's, Mary MacKillop Foundation.

Good Night and God Bless Vol 1 - ISBN 978-0-646-48520; would make a great Christmas present.

It is available from your local bookshop or on-line though Amazon on the ICN home page. For more information see: www.goodnightandgodbless.com

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