John O'Donohue RIP

The funeral of the Irish philosopher and poet John O'Donohue took place in Fanore, Co Clare, on Saturday, 12 January, 2008. He died unexpectedly on 3 January after collapsing while on holiday near Avignon in France. Dr O'Donoghue was buried in Craggagh graveyard after the funeral Mass. He is survived by his mother, Josie, two brothers and a sister. A memorial service will take place on 2 February in Galway Cathedral. 

The author of the best selling 'Anam Cara' (Soul Friend), his other published works include 'Eternal Echoes', 'Divine Beauty', 'Echoes of Memory' and 'Conamara Blues'.. Just last month, his latest work 'Beneductus' was published.

John O'Donohue first studied for the priesthood at Maynooth. He went on to gain degrees in philosophy and English Literature. He was awarded a PhD in philosophical theology from the University of Tubingen. Combining parish work with lecturing, he rapidly gained a reputation as a deeply spiritual and enlightening thinker.
In a review of his most recent work published earlier this week, columnist Fr Kevin Hergarty said his books "are distinguished by their philosophical underlay, his perception of human nature, his awesome awareness of the power of landscape, his poetic intensity and his profound integrity".

His close friend, the film-maker Lelia Doolan described John O'Donoghue as "one of life's great spirits".

On the last cover of his last book, O'Donohue wrote:

'There is a quiet light

that shines in every heart.

Though it is always secretly there,

it draws no attention to itself.

It is what illuminates our

minds to see beauty, our desire to seek

possibility and our hearts

to love life...

This shy inner light is what enables

us to recognize and receive

our very presence here as blessing.'

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