Six cardinals contribute to new book

 LONDON - 28 January 2002 - 300 words

Six cardinals contribute to new book

Six cardinals and three other Catholic bishops have contributed to a unique collection of speeches and lectures entitled Teachers of the Faith. Texts by Cardinals Basil Hume, Thomas Winning, Cahal Daly, Joseph Ratzinger and Johannes Willebrands are included in this new book, with Archbishop Derek Worlock, Bishop Alan Clark and Bishop James Sangu.

In his foreword, Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor explains that the phrase "teachers of the faith" was used by the Second Vatican Council to describe the role of the bishops. H writes:

"This book brings together nine texts by well-known and well-loved bishops, fulfilling this commission to teach with clarity and authority. Each of the subjects addressed are crucial concerns for the Church at the beginning of the third Christian millennium. These powerful contributions to the Church's voice in our society deserve renewed study and, I am sure, will stimulate deep reflection."

All of the lectures were delivered in Britain over the last 26 years, and have appeared in the pages of Briefing, the official monthly journal of the Catholic bishops of Britain.

* Cardinal Hume speaks about his personal faith journey and Jesus Christ today.
* Cardinal Winning discusses the Church in the third millennium.
* Cardinal Daly's two contributions concern Northern Ireland, and the moral challenges facing the Church.
* Cardinal Ratzinger's address is on consumer materialism and Christian hope.
* Cardinal Willebrands asks, is Christianity anti-Semitic?
* Archbishop Worlock reflects on Catholic education and the 1944 Education Act.
* Bishop Clark discusses the movement to Christian unity.
* Bishop Sangu of Tanzania examines justice in the African context.

Teachers of the Faith retails at £6 (+ £1 p&p in UK), and is available from the Catholic Media Office, 39 Eccleston Square, London SW1V 1BX ; tel: 020 7901 4800 e-mail: Cheque payable to "Catholic Media Trust". ISBN 0 905241 19 3.

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