Holy Land: Danish peace campaigner injured by Israeli forces

 JERUSALEM - Israeli forces have hit a Danish citizen from close range with a tear- gas cannister in the West Bank village of Ni'lin.

Anna Jensen, a 24 year old Danish citizen from Copenhagen, was participating in a non-violent demonstration against the construction of the annexation wall in Ni'lin. As the protesters neared the construction site, Israeli forces opened fire from close range, with tear-gas cannisters shot directly at protesters, as well as firing rubber-coated steel bullets.

Ana was hit in the upper-arm. She has been taken to Sheikh Zaide hospital, Ramallah, where she is currently being treated.

Non-violent demonstrations have taken place in Ni'lin for the last seven months against the construction of the annexation wall on land owned by the residents of the village. 23 hectares will of Ni'lin's land will be effectively annexed by the construction of the wall, while two more hectares are being confiscated by the Israeli State for the construction of two tunnels that will lead out of the village. Once the construction of the wall is completed, together with the two planned Israeli only roads, Ni'lin will be completely isolated in its own small canton, with two tunnels operating as the only routes out of the village.

More than 500 protesters have now been injured while non-violently demonstrating against the construction, with two children killed by Israeli forces, Ahmed Musa (10 years old - shot through the head with live ammunition) and Yousef Amira (17 years old - shot twice in the head with rubber-coated steel bullets).

A number of human rights organsations have condemned the violence used by Israeli forces in Ni'lin:

Source: Caritas Jerusalem

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