Kenya: no word on fate of kidnapped missionary sisters

 NAIROBI - Nearly two days after two Italian Catholic nuns were kidnapped by gunmen in El Wak in northeastern Kenya, there is no word about their condition or whereabouts.

A church source closely following the situation told CISA that local elders were working with the government of Kenya and other negotiators to try to secure the release of Sisters Maria Teresa Oliviero and Caterina Giraudo.

The Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) reported on Tuesday that the nuns had been found in Somalia, but gave no details.

No one has claimed responsibility for the heavy Sunday night attack in which government vehicles were also stolen. It was expected that the kidnappers would demand ransom for the release of the nuns, but information available suggests that no such demand has been made.

Our source said the local people are very devastated by the capture of the nuns and have expressed solidarity with them, an indication that the bandits may have been from outside the community.

The heavy and sophisticated weaponry police say was used suggests that the attackers might have come from the neighboring Somalia which has had no government since 1991.

Source: CISA

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