Mother Teresa misquoted

 A small misquotation in yesterday's Sunday Reflection lead to a flurry of interesting e-mails yesterday.

In the reflection, the words: "Don't call me a saint. I don't want to be dismissed that easily," were attributed to Mother Teresa instead of Dorothy Day. Tom Cornell, who knew Dorothy Day personally, confirmed that the quote definitely was hers, and writes: "Monica (my wife of 44 years) remembers Mother Teresa's first visit to us in NYC. I missed her, every time! Mother T. knocked on Maryhouse door some years ago, when Dorothy was still alive. "I am Mother Teresa, from Calcutta, India," she told Lena, who had opened the door. Lena's response was: "Do you have a cigarette?" No...

Then: "How did you get here?" Mother T: "I flew!" Anna: "You fly too?"

Tom Cornell, now retired, was editor of the Catholic Worker newspaper for many years and has published several books. He has devoted his life to the Catholic Worker and peace and lives at the Peter Maurin Farm in the Hudson Valley near New York with his wife, Monica, He is a grandfather and a deacon in his local parish. Tom also has a blog which can be read at:

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