Westminster: Cardinal marks anniversary of Fidei Donum with special Mass

 Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor marked the 50th anniversary of the Papal Encyclical, 'Fidei Donum' with a Mass at Westminster Cathedral on Saturday.

Fidei Donum ('The Gift of Faith') was written by Pope Pius XII and addressed the subject of 'The Present Conditions of the Catholic Missions, especially in Africa'. In it, the Pope encouraged us all to pray, give charitable offerings and give of ourselves to the missionary cause. He concluded by telling missionaries to: "Persevere resolutely in the work you have begun, glorying in the fact that you serve the Church, that you obey her voice, that you are prompted more and more by her inspiration and her spirit, and that you are united in the bonds of brotherly love".

During the Mass on Saturday, the Cardinal said: "Today we mark fifty years of the dedication and generosity of the countless number of missionaries who have brought the gift of faith but above all the gift of live to people in these countries. The seed they have brought to those nations, God in His own time will bring to fruition."

The Mass was attended by a number of missionaries from several different orders and was followed by a reception.

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