Afghanistan: family of murdered aid worker forgives her killers

 The sister of the Christian aid worker murdered in Afghanistan last week said the family have forgiven her killers. The family arrived in in Afghanistan to hold a funeral and burial service for Karen.

At a press conference in Kabul, Karen Williams said her sister Gayle was working with severely disabled children to help integrate them into the community. She said: "Gayle was passionate about trying to help them. Gayle was a much loved sister and daughter."

Karen said: "If Gayle could talk to us now, her view would not have changed. Her faith in the Afghan people would remain the same. I know Gayle would forgive those responsible for the act and she would tell us not to hold a grudge against them. We also forgive them, as Gayle would have done."
The charity worker, employed by Serve Afghanistan, had previously worked with autistic children in London, her sister said.

A former fitness trainer, Gayle, 34, worked with children who were deaf, blind and some who had lost limbs. Some of the children had been injured by land mines, her sister said.

Gayle was fatally shot last Monday by the Taliban, who said she had been killed because she was spreading Christianity.

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