Oxford: Las Casa Institute to open at Blackfriars

 Tonight Rt Hon Chris Patten will deliver the annual Las Casas lecture to an invited audience at the Dominican Blackfriars Hall, University of Oxford. At the same time the Regent of the Hall will be announcing the imminent launch of a new Las Casas Institute in the Hall. The Las Casas Institute will be a premier centre for applied research in ethics, theology and evidence in the field of social justice, institutions, religion and public life. Among those who will lead its programmes are Rt Hon John Battle MP and among those who will contribute to its lecture series are Lord Guthrie, Lord Brennan, Lord Alton and Timothy Radcliffe OP. In March 2010 the Institute will host a major international conference on the condition and future prospects for the European Catholic social conscience organised jointly with the Angelicum University in Rome. Bishop William Kenney has agreed to chair the conference planning committee which will be joined by Michael Oborne, Head of Futures at the OECD) and Professor David Robertson (University of Oxford) The launch event will be a major lecture on 25 November 2009 at 5pm at Blackfriars. To be given by Professor Conor Gearty of the LSE (Rausing Professor of Human Rights) it will be entitled "Doing Human Rights In A Post Socialist Age". Tickets are available from the Principal of Blackfriars on richard.finn@english.op.org

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