Argentina: Priest transferred after receiving death threats from drug dealers

Bishop Fernando Carlos Maletti

Bishop Fernando Carlos Maletti

Source: Fides

A priest who worked with young people, helping them to overcome drug addiction, has been moved from his parish after receiving repeated death threats.

In a letter, the Bishop of the diocese of Merlo-Moreno, His Exc Mgr Fernando Carlos Maletti, announced that Fr Eduardo Farrell will be transferred from Sagrado Corazon parish elsewhere, for his own safety.

The Bishop said the illicit drug trade in the neighbourhoods is increasing more and more among the young. The Church, together with other institutions, has long been involved in the prevention of drug addiction. Mgr Maletti said: "these pastoral tasks tend to clash with the petty and obscure interests of those who only seek territorial power and profit at any cost with illegal activities and suspicious complicity".

"Lately many people, believers and non believers, members and non-members of the Church, have received clear signs that their actions and their preaching angered sectors that do not operate in accordance with the law."

The letter concludes: "Although we publicly denounce this worrying situation, we reiterate our commitment to continue as a Church to work with our brothers and sisters who ask, with all reason and justice, their right to a dignified life."

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