Shrewsbury: Gabriele Kuby to speak on the 'Ideology of Gender'

Gabriele Kuby

Gabriele Kuby

The best-selling German writer and sociologist, Gabriele Kuby, will be giving a talk entitled the 'Ideology of Gender' at a conference entitled 'Man or Woman - A Matter of Choice' in Shrewsbury on 21 March. Mrs Kuby will also address the clergy and educationalists of the Diocese of Shrewsbury on "The Gift of Human Sexuality" at meetings which are not open to the wider public.

Mrs Kuby, a convert to the Catholic faith, is a highly articulate exponent of the teachings of the Church on marriage, the family and on sexual morality. In her 2012 book, The Global Sexual Revolution, she explained the origins and objectives of gender theory, which at present is sweeping the Western world often unchallenged.

On The Global Sexual Revolution, she writes: ".. children--brought up today in a hyper-sexualized society in which they themselves are sexualized by the entertainment industry, the media, and mandatory school programs--are increasingly unable to become mature adults that are up to the demands of marriage, and the obligations of responsible fatherhood and motherhood."

On Freedom: "But what happens if you do not control and master the sexual drive? You become a slave of that powerful drive - a sex addict who is constantly on the prowl for sexual satisfaction."

"But freedom can only be realized if it is related to truth--the truth of man, the truth of the relationship, the truth of the situation. Jesus says "the truth will set you free" (John 8:32). Freedom depends on people who take responsibility for the consequences of their actions on themselves and on others."

Gabriele Kuby's arguments are supported by the teachings of the Catholic Church. Pope Francis warned of the ideology of gender in Laudato Si, his 2015 papal encyclical on the care for the environment. He explicitly denounced it as an "ideological colonisation" at World Youth Day, Krakow, in 2016 and described it as forming part of a "global war on the family" during a visit to Georgia and Azerbaijan last year. After the publication of the German edition of The Global Sexual Revolution, Pope Benedict XVI described Mrs Kuby as a "brave warrior against ideologies that ultimately result in the destruction of man."

The Rt Rev Mark Davies, the Bishop of Shrewsbury, said: "Pope Francis has repeatedly warned of the ideology of gender which is rapidly developing in the world of education and society as a whole. It is a change in the understanding of the human person which has often been accepted without question in Western societies. It is all the more important that we appreciate what is at stake for the future of society and the Christian understanding of the human person and the gift of sexuality. I welcome Gabriele Kuby as an international writer and speaker in helping us to reflect and better understand what is happening in our society and how we can respond as Christians."

Gabriele Kuby said: "Never before in the history of humanity has it been questioned that we are created as men and women with the power to bring forth new human beings through sexual union. I want to inform people about the ideological manipulation of our time, so that the longing for love in our hearts has a chance to find fulfilment."

The event will take place at St Christopher's Church Hall in Romiley, Cheshire, from 7pm to 9pm on Tuesday March 21. There is no charge but people wishing to attend are required to register in advance. Please direct inquiries to Barbara Davies at or, to register, contact Helen Jones at

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