Ealing: St Benedict's hosts new play about Blessed Oscar Romero

By: Dawn Johnson

Ealing: St Benedict's hosts new play about Blessed Oscar Romero
Dawn Johnson
March 2, 2017
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A new play: 'Blessed Oscar Romero - Modern Martyr', was performed at St Benedict's School, west Ealing Ealing by RISE Theatre last Friday. This year marks the centenary of Romero's birth. The play focuses on the life and legacy of this 20th century saint.

This thought-provoking production, with three actors and a simple, colourful set, is a powerful portrayal of a man who chose to challenge those in power. The play is an opportunity for children aged 11 onwards to explore important themes such as solidarity with the poor, social justice and standing up for what is right. The drama begins with Romero's friendship, love and active support for the poor during El Salvador's civil war, and his powerful advocacy for peace and justice, and
culminates with his tragic death: on March 24th 1980, Archbishop Romero was assassinated while celebrating Mass in San Salvador, El Salvador.

Among the audience was the Chair of the Oscar Romero Trust, Julian Filochowski, who knew Romero well in the turbulent years leading up to his death. Mr Filochowski said: "Oscar Romero is an inspiring role model for our young people and I am delighted with this excellent play."

St Benedict's pupil Christopher Vaughan, aged 11, said: "I thought the play's message, which is the power of love, was inspiring. I knew a few facts about Romero before, but now I know much more."

Read more about Rise Theatre here: www.risetheatre.co.uk

and St Benedict's School: www.stbenedicts.org.uk

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