Petition to Westminster City Council asking them to take 50 refugees

I should be grateful if you would circulate the link to petition Westminster City Council to welcome 50 Syrian Refugees into the borough through the Home Office
Vulnerable Persons Resettlement scheme.

Holy Apostles, Pimlico, is campaigning on this issue, together with other faith groups, plus Citizens UK and Refugees Welcome. The petition can be signed by anyone who works, lives or studies in Westminster. All are invited to a meeting about this campaign to be held next Monday evening, March 6th, at 6.30 at Thamesbank Centre, Peabody Avenue, Turpentine Lane, London SW1V 4BD.

The petition states:

In the light of The Vulnerable Person Resettlement Scheme (VPRS), a government initiative to relocate 20,000 Syrian refugees to the UK by 2020, we urge Westminster City Council to welcome 50 Syrians waiting in Refugee Camps to come and live in our borough.

Through this scheme, announced last year by David Cameron, Central Government funding is available. Our Council can work productively with refugee and asylum
seekers' groups and residents' groups to welcome Syrian refugees. We petition the Council to express an interest to the Home Office in resettling 50 refugees here.

Thank you


See the petition here:

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