Westminster ACTA: 'What makes a good parish?'

'What makes a good parish?' - is the title of the next A Call To Action (ACTA) meeting in Westminster next Thursday, 23 February.

The evening will start with a summary, by John Michael Wilkins, of the book recommended by Werner Jeanrod at the ACTA Conference in November - 'Great Catholic Parishes - how four essential practices make them thrive' by William E Simon Jr published by Ave Maria Press. This will be followed by a panel discussion and questions on what makes a good parish, in Question Time format, with John O'Sullivan, Patsy Cummings, Martin Pendergast and Elizabeth Lowe.

ACTA is a national movement.. 'inspired by the Second Vatican Council, we work with others to create an atmosphere of openness, mutual respect and dialogue among laity, religious, clergy and Bishops; and together we seek to face the challenges of the world around us.'

A Call To Action Westminster will meet on Thursday 23 February 2017 (7 - 9pm) at Maria Fidelis Upper School, 34 Phoenix Road, London NW1 1TA

For more information see: www.acalltoaction.org.uk

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