YCW begin 80th anniversary celebrations

The Young Christian Workers (YCW) launched their celebration of 80 years in England and Wales on the Feast of St John Bosco, the Patron Saint of Young People. Currently, the YCW has hundreds of members across the country, working in parishes, schools, and workplaces to enable young people to develop critical awareness, actively engaged faith and social responsibility.

The YCW was originally founded in Belgium in 1925 by Fr Joseph Cardijn, who was later to be made a Cardinal for his work with the movement.

In England and Wales, the first YCW group was founded in Wigan, with Father Gerry Rimmer as the Chaplain and Patrick Keegan, a young factory worker, as President. Patrick would go on to become the first lay man to address an Ecumenical Council of the Church when he addressed the Second Vatican Council on the role of the laity.

Over the 80th year celebrations the YCW will be looking to expand it's presence into more schools and parishes, hold training sessions for new and existing leaders and chaplains and raise money towards the running of the charity.

National President, Phil Callaghan, said: "We are all really excited to celebrate 80 years of the YCW in England and Wales. We were established with a special mission to young people in the world of work and it is as needed today as when we started 80 years ago."

The YCW is asking anyone who may have memories of their time in the YCW to get in contact and share it. Please email any comments or enquiries to info@ycwimpact.com

Read more about the YCW here: www.ycwimpact.com/

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