Young Peace Journalists - Giving a voice to people seeking refuge

Pax Christi International recently convened a team of 10 young people from all over the world, to train to become peace journalists and report about the lives of refugees and asylum seekers. The training and discussions took place exclusively online. Following their training, each team member interviewed a person in their hometown or area who had to flee their home country.

Over the past few weeks through a series of webinars and exchange sessions, Pax Christi International equipped the group with the skills and knowledge to conduct interviews. These trainings included different aspects of journalism - especially peace journalism/responsible journalism - and how to overcome the unique challenges this kind of reporting entails.

This project was the first time that the participants from Croatia, UK, USA, Lebanon, Ukraine, and other countries came together to exchange ideas about the situation and its perception in their home countries. The exchange sessions accompanied the young adults in the process of conducting the interview. With this project we want to show positive examples of integration as well as the challenges faced by people seeking refuge; we want to provide a space for vulnerable people to be heard, to express their needs and be recognised in their situation; and we want to raise awareness of the situation of refugees.

The stories will be soon published on the Pax Christi Peace Stories blog:

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