Young leaders to tackle Brexit and Trump at Interfaith Week Summit

On Thursday 17 November, the second annual Interfaith Summit will be taking place at SPACE Studios in London. The summit will see young leaders of different faiths and beliefs come together to discuss and act on some of the most pressing issues of the day. Sessions will be held on post-Brexit community relations, responses to the refugee crisis, and mental health, identity and discrimination - involving leading NGOs, academics and change-makers.

Coinciding with National Interfaith Week, the Interfaith Summit is an interactive, youth-led space for people of all faiths and beliefs to connect, explore, and act, together. The summit is run by alumni of 3FF's UN award-winning leadership programme ParliaMentors. 300-500 people are expected to attend.

The summit will feature workshops led by organisations such as Kitchen Rituals, who build peace and dialogue through food, as well as the Muslim-Jewish theatre group MUJU. There will also be live music from the renowned interfaith festival hosts Faiths in Tune, all bought together in a festival style atmosphere.

Cllr. Hashim Bhatti, one of the organisers, said: "The tensions and divisions that have surfaced since the Brexit vote and the US presidential election, as well as the rise in reported hate crimes in Britain, show that the need for events like the Interfaith Summit is greater than ever. As young people from a wide range of faith and belief backgrounds we are uniquely placed to make a positive difference on these issues, by building a movement for change across our different communities."

The Interfaith Summit takes place on Thursday 17 November at SPACE Studios, 129-131 Mare Street, Hackney, London, E8 3RH, from 3.30-9.30pm.

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