Preview: Last Testament: In His Own Words by Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

Last Testament: In His Own Words by Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, with Peter Seewald

In this most touching and revealing book - the nearest Pope Benedict will probably ever get to writing an autobiography - the author speaks with disarming honesty and humility of the causes célèbres which impacted his pontificate, as well as his inner life, his life of prayer and his firm belief in God. This book comes as a final and fitting sequel to his previous works on Jesus of Nazareth.

Fr Stephen Wang said: "I've seen snippets online and I'm dying to read the whole book. It's not often (in fact never before!) that we get the chance to overhear a Pope reflecting on his papacy after the event."
Fr Stephen Wang

Dame Joanna Bogle writes: "I am hugely looking forward to this book - it is THE book of 2016 and a must-read. Benedict XVI is one of the great men of our era, and one of the finest minds in the Church and in the world. He is also hugely readable, with an extraordinary ability to open up the great truths of the Christian faith in a simple and attractve way. This book is his last direct gift to us."
Dame Joanna Bogle

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