Open Day at Sisters of St Mary in Harrow

Statue by Sr Catherine Muehlbauer SSMN

Statue by Sr Catherine Muehlbauer SSMN

Community in Mission

"Find new ways to spread the word of God to every corner of the world " (Pope Francis)

Over the past 10 years the Sisters of St Mary in Harrow have been welcoming people from wide and diverse backgrounds to deepen their faith and grow in their understanding of the Church. The community is a place where friendships are discovered and people can feel safe as they try to discern how they can better respond to the call of the Gospel in their daily lives.

Without a doubt the greatest needs we have found over the years have all been around the need for community and an adult formation in the faith which is open to everyone. So many people would like to know more about prayer and how to pray but don't know where to go to get this help.

We were inspired by the people in our parish to open our doors, meet people where they are and let God do the rest! With Pope Francis calling us to step up and recognise that we need to find new ways of being Church and proclaiming the Gospel, "A Christian who is not a revolutionary today isn't a Christian" we would like to open our doors and hearts further responding to the "Joy of the Gospel" in all its dimensions.

Are you looking for a supportive religious community where you can:

• Develop your faith
• Find time to pray
• Explore mission opportunities
• Discover where God may be leading you
• Journey with a religious community which fits with your work/life commitments

If you would like to know more come and join us on Saturday 26th November 2-6pm at 1 Grafton Road, Harrow, HA1 4QS

Please contact us at:

Phone 07729014144 or 07592901125

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