Request for news of Fr Thomas Uzhunnali


Kindly let the Christians know if Fr Tom has been crucified or not. Too much rumours now.
Thank you
Mrs Winnie Kambora (OFS)

Dear Winnie,

Thanks for your message. We have not received any concrete news yet. If the terrorists had killed him I think they would have issued a statement and even a video. They haven't issued one word yet. Neither has the Vatican or Fr Tom's order, the Salesians.

There is a rumour that a Cardinal said something yesterday - but this has not been confirmed. I would be careful reading the blogs. See who they are and what their source is.

As soon as we hear something official I will publish it.

In the meantime, let's pray that Fr Tom is alive and that he is freed soon. And lets pray for all Christians in captivity for their faith.

Happy Easter

Jo Siedlecka


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