CAFOD welcomes calls for tougher climate change targets

 CAFOD has welcomed recommendations by the Government's Climate Committee that the UK should cut its greenhouse gas emissions by at least 80 per cent by 2050.

The Committee on Climate Change also announced that cuts should be made by all sectors of the economy, including emissions from international aviation and shipping.

For the past year CAFOD has called on the Government to set a target to reduce carbon dioxide by at least 80 per cent (based on a 1990 baseline) and to take aviation and shipping into account.

Liz Gallagher, CAFOD's Climate Change Policy Researcher, said: "This is great news. Without these ambitious targets the Climate Change Bill, that is currently going through Parliament, risks committing us to dangerous climate change.

"This news, together with the creation of a new energy and climate change department, signal that the Government is treating the threat of climate change with the gravity it deserves. But it will need to make courageous choices over the next few years, especially in light of the recent financial downturn, to ensure that climate change remains a priority.

"People living in poverty in the developing world are being hit first and hardest by climate change. We hope the Government will put poor people at the centre of UK climate change policy."

Vikki Mills, CAFOD's Parliamentary Campaigns Officer, said: "The Committee's recommendations owe a lot to the hard work and persistence of CAFOD campaigners who have called on the Government to pass the toughest possible Climate Change Bill. What's vital now is that Ministers accept the advice and incorporate it fully into the Bill."

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