Bishop Kenney urges support for Enough Food If Campaign

Bishop William Kenney

Bishop William Kenney

Bishop William Kenney from the Archdiocese of Birmingham braved snow and ice to support the Enough Food If campaign which was launched in London on Wednesday 23 January.

Bishop Kenney took to the stage with other faith leaders to urge people to sign up to the new campaign aiming to end world hunger, saying: “We have a duty to our brothers and sisters around the world who are starving, to stop their suffering and recognise we are all people made in the image of God who deserve dignity.”

“Hunger and poverty are scandals on a global scale.” Bishop Kenney said, “These threats to human life and dignity demand a response from all people of goodwill. The IF campaign is a chance for us to change the way that our global food system is organised, for the voices of people struggling with hunger to be heard in decision-making, and to put the needs of creation and future generations first.”

The IF campaign, made up of a coalition of 100 leading UK charities, including CAFOD and Progressio is tackling four key areas of concern, (tax avoidance, land grabs, aid and investment) in order to improve the world’s poorest people’s access to food.

For more information and to sign the campaign petition see:

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