Glasgow: Celtic Roots Mass

Singers and musicians who are taking part in the Celtic Connections festival in Glasgow will be heading for church on Sunday, 27 January 27, as St Aloysius in Garnethill hosts the Mass of Our Celtic Roots. The Mass will be at 4pm and all are welcome to attend.

The Mass is held annually in association with the hugely successful festival, which has gone from strength to strength since its inception 20 years ago.

Monsignor Gerry Fitzpatrick, musical director of the St Mungo Singers, said: “We hope to combine in the service the beauty, power and discipline of classical music with the often haunting appeal and richness of refined poetic, musical and artistic creativity that defines the festival itself.”

He added: “Since Celtic Connections attracts a great many visitors to Glasgow and many of them are Christian or Catholic, it was decided more than 10 years ago that we would have a Mass to mark the occasion and provide the opportunity for visitors from other parts of the ‘Celtic World’ to worship together.The clergy and community at St Aloysius have always been so welcoming, and representation from the Irish Gaelic and Scots Gaelic communities in the city has been consistently encouraging.”

The Mass will be supported by students from the Royal Conservatoire of Music and Drama and the Glasgow Gaelic School and by the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre and the Knights of St Columba, and priests concelebrating will wear the ‘Vestments of the Celtic Saints’, created by ‘the Sacred Threads’, group of expert embroiderers.

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