The Sacraments: new DVD resource for parishes, schools, catechesis

CaFE have just published a new DVD resource called The Sacraments: Transforming Everyday Life, Fr Stephen Wang writes. Take a look at the promotional video on the link below. Stay with it (it's only seven minutes): as well as the teaching input at the beginning, there are some wonderful short interviews with lay people about how their lives have been transformed by their faith, and a brief introduction to your hosts Paschal and Pippa as they wander around Rome. They should be given their own TV series.

You can order the DVD pack from the CaFE website here:

Fr Stephen is one of the presenters, together with Sr Catherine Droste OP, Fr Timothy Radcliffe OP, Jo Boyce, Stephen Rooney, Fr David Oakley, David Wells, Barry and Margaret Mizen, Fr Paul Keane, Read his comments on Bridges and Tangent here:

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