Vatican library goes digital

Page from Syriac Gospel Year 559

Page from Syriac Gospel Year 559

The Bibliotheca Apostolica, as the Vatican Library is known, is one of the oldest libraries in the world containing more than 80,000 historic books, documents, papyrus texts and other ancient manuscripts? Yet throughout its history only a small number of scholars have been given access to study these precious documents. That is about to change. To preserve these fragile treasures and make them available to scholars and historians around the world, the Vatican is launching a multi-year project to digitize, store, archive and make the entire collection available on line.

EMC, the IT storage, security and data virtualization company is working closely with curators and restoration experts at the Vatican to ensure the project is successful by providing 2.8 petabytes of storage capacity... enough to store 40 million pages of digitized manuscript in the first three years of the project.

EMC TV was given unprecedented access to the Vatican Library, reading rooms, archives and preservation rooms. We videotaped extremely rare books and manuscripts,
art and architecture that is never open to the public and conducted in-depth interviews with Timothy Janz, Scriptor Graecus of the Vatican of two head curators of the Library and Luciano Ammenti, Coordinator of the data center of the Vatican.

To watch a film on Youtube about the library visit:

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