P P Pick Up a…charity donation!

Stamford Hill residents in north east London, were astonished to find a flock of penguins on their doorstop this week, as students from Our Lady’s Convent donned fancy dress outfits to raise money for charity.

The students caused quite a flap in their black and white penguin outfits with bright yellow beaks but raised a smile and lots of money for their chosen charity.

It was all part of Our Lady’s Convent non-school uniform day, to raise money for Children in Need. The student’s target was to beat the impressive £6,300 raised for a range of good causes last year.

Non School Uniform Day on Friday 16th November, was a chance for our students to be inventive and raise lots of money for Children in Need. Donning Penguin costumes were Year 12 students Katie Reddington, Teresa Theodore, Catriona Neville, Hazel Simon and Steffi Maranan.

Students paid £2 for a chance to abandon their school uniform for the day and many raised additional money with collections around the school and on local streets. 

For more information on Our Lady's Convent see: www.ourladys.hackney.sch.uk/

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