Exciting new resources for Baptism and Confirmation

 Two priests from the Diocese of Middlesbrough have joined forces with established catechetical author Rosemary Gallagher to produce a brand new programme to help parishes prepare people for the baptism of their children.

An easy-to-use book 'My Baby’s Baptism' is easily accessible, clear and practical. It is comprehensive enough for new catechists to utilise, but flexible enough to be adapted by more experienced catechists and includes focus points that keep preparation faithful to the teaching of the Church and grounded in Sacred Scripture.

The programme represents the second collaboration between Canon John Lumley and Fr Paul Farrer, who previously published the hugely successful 'Am Confirmed' catechetical resource.

Canon John, himself an experience parish priest said: ‘The programme is sensitive to the diverse and often challenging situations which can arise when working with parents who wish to have their child baptised.’

Fr Paul Farrer, Diocesan Youth Chaplain, said: "There is clearly a need for fresh, faithful and up-to-date catechetical resources. Following publication of “I Am Confirmed”, we received a huge number of requests to produce more programmes that priests and catechists could use when working with those preparing for the sacraments."

The priests enjoyed working with Rosemary Gallagher again, a writer of considerable experience, having authored or co-authored such popular resources as 'How to Survive Being Married to a Catholic' and 'Your Child’s First Communion'. ‘Rosemary acted as our creative editor last time around, but this time we have written the whole thing together,’ revealed Canon John.

Rosemary said: ‘" am very proud of this new resource. Preparation for baptism is crucial. There is often quite a difference between the expectations of the Church and parents who present their children for Baptism and yet this is a key encounter in parish life. Anything that can help bring that experience to life, deepening our relationships with Christ has to be a good thing."

The Diocese of Middlesbrough launched 'I Am Confirmed', co-authored by the two priests and Mrs Laura Cutler, chaplaincy coordinator of St Peter’s RC College, Middlesbrough in early 2011. The programme is now on its third reprint and is used in most of the dioceses of England and Wales, and beyond.

As a new round of Confirmation preparation groups start up in parishes across the country, orders are once again coming in for this resource which catechists, priests and young people have welcomed so enthusiastically.

Rosemary added: "I am delighted to have been involved with both resources. 'My Baby’s Baptism' and 'I Am Confirmed' really are bucking the trend. They are good resources, which present their material with attractive clarity. These publications provide priests and catechists with up-to-date sound, pastoral resources and meet people at their level while being faithful to the teaching of the Church. I believe this is why “I Am Confirmed” has been such a success and why I am so excited about “My Baby’s Baptism.”

Priced just £12 (+p&p), the full-colour Catechist’s Guide consists of: three complete session plans, plus a follow-up session after the baptism

The Guide includes: Photographic resources; Opening and closing prayer ideas; Resources for Sunday parish liturgies (so that the whole community is involved); All the material needed for a complete, well-grounded course;  A simple website offering resources to support the programme.

The parents’ booklet is just £3 (+p&p) and contains a wealth of information. It complements the catechists’ guide and explores frequently asked questions, how to choose godparents and how to choose a name, in addition to a pull-out personalised record of the baptism celebration itself, plus ideas on parenting and faith development in the home. A fantastic resource to place in the hands of parents for barely the price of a birthday card! And of course, even if parishes do not plan on using the catechists’ guide, the parents’ booklet itself is a fantastic resource in its own right.

You can find more information at: www.mybabysbaptism.co.uk
To order copies for your parish – or even your school – call Sue at the Curial Office on (01642) 850505.or by email: reception@dioceseofmiddlesbrough.co.uk
Sue will also be able to provide you with copies of 'I Am Confirmed' or you can visit:

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