Helping children learn about Lent

Mission Together, the Catholic Church’s official mission charity for children, has produced materials to enable children to find out more about Lent. Mission Together is part of the Missio network of charities and works to help children pray for and share with children all over the world.

Included in the materials for Lent is the popular Lenten Activity Calendar which provides a reflection, prayer or activity for every day of Lent.

Kasia Greenwood, Coordinator for Mission Together said: “The Lenten calendar is a great way to help children think about Lent in a meaningful way. We’ve found that it is really popular with both parents and teachers. Our materials can also be used to introduce children to the work of the global Catholic Church. Lent is a particularly good time for children to learn about the history of Mission Together and the important role it plays throughout the world, encouraging children to become missionaries and play a part in helping others learn about Jesus.”

The focus for the Lent 2012 materials is on Malawi and there are also resources available for children to find out more about the country and what life is like for children in Malawi. Mission Together materials can also be used by teachers to support RE and Global Citizenship work and they support the ‘Here I Am’ RE programme for schools. The Lent 2012 materials also include a Lenten Liturgy and a Lent activity sheet.

The resources are free of charge and can be downloaded from: or ordered online.

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