Quiz: how many countries at war can you name?

Picasso Peace Dove

Picasso Peace Dove

How many countries currently at war can you name? How many do you think there are? To test your knowledge, scroll to the bottom of the page and try the quiz.  Many thanks to ICN readers who have sent this in, to draw attention to several peace initiatives underway, in preparation for the London Olympic Games 2012.

Peace has always been an ideal of the Olympics. The ancient Greeks introduced a Sacred Trucebefore the Olympic Games, to enable athletes to travel safely to the Games through city-states that were often at war with each other.

Internationally, the modern Truce was revived through a UN resolution in 1993, requiring countries hosting the Olympics to present a resolution in  the year before their Games, to demonstrate how they would honour the Truce by specific peace-building measures.  The UK government is required to formulate a resolution to put to the UN by September this year.

Lord Michael Bates who has often raised this issue in Parliament,  is currently walking from Olympia to London to publicise UK obligations to peace.  His website invites everyone to make suggestions for the UK’s peace measures: www.walkfortruce.org   Send your suggestions to this website.

Brentwood, Southwark and Westminster Justice and Peace Commissions are drawing  attention to two modern initiatives for peace around the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.  Working with Pax Christi, More Than Gold, CAFOD and the Jimmy Mizen Foundation the Commissions have started a season of peace activities for schools and parishes, entitled ‘100 Days of Peace’.

Their website: www.peacelegacy.org.uk  has ideas and resources for building a Culture of Peace in schools, neighbourhoods and communities.  

QUIZ: www.sporcle.com/games/faraznaeem/warringnations

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