Vatican unveils 'Youcat' Youth Catechism

The Vatican today unveiled 'Youcat' a special Catechism for young people, prepared participants in the XXVI World Youth Day to be held in Madrid from 16 to 21 August 2011.

Cardinal Stanislaw Rylko, president of the Pontifical Council for the Laity, told a press conference that this Catechism for young people has been translated into six languages, and 700,000 copies have been distributed. "It is a gift from the Holy Father to the young participants in World Youth Day", he said.

"It is not enough to make young people 'dream'; it is necessary also to help them grow well-rooted in the rich earth of Christian tradition. ... A real education in the faith of the young, therefore, must begin by freely proposing Christ to them. He is the solid rock upon which they may build their lives!"

He explained that "'Youcat' translates the content of the 'Catechism of the Catholic Church' rigorously and faithfully, and using language adapted to the young. It does not replace the Catechism, but rather, leads toward it, paving the way to the 'Catechism' and its 'Compendium'. It aims to guide the young toward a deeper knowledge of their faith".

One of the young people present explained that the name 'Youcat' is a translation of the word 'Ju-Kat', which corresponds to the abbreviation of the German 'Jugend' (youth) and catechism.

* The Italian edition of Youcat has been withdrawn because it contains a number of mis-translations in particular dealing with the issue of contraception.

Source: VIS

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