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Our petition to save the name of the Cardinal Pub has only been running for three days, but we have already had more than 300 signatures - including many distinguished names among them members of the House of Lords, Members of Parliament, bishops, priests, religious and academics.  

On Thursday morning, The Most Rev Vincent Nichols, Archbishop of Westminster,  spoke on Radio London endorsing our campaign, which opposes the pub owner's plan to drop the name of The Cardinal Pub, close to Westminster Cathedral, in favour of the name The Windsor Castle.

Archbishop Vincent said the pub was named after Cardinal Manning, a 19th century predecessor as Archbishop of Westminster who famously supported the London Dockers' strike of 1889.

Earlier he told the Press Association he thought changing the name of the pub risked losing a reminder of the Catholic Church's long-standing commitment to the social good.

"The pub across the road from Archbishop's House is called The Cardinal, after Cardinal Manning, who was utterly committed to the well-being of the dockers and the working class in London," the Most Rev Nichols said.

"That pub is being renewed and the brewers have said their intention is to change its name to The Windsor Castle, and that is a shame, because it is another drop of forgetting a presence and a continuity and a set of values in London life for which it has stood."

Archbishop Nichols spoke again on the BBC evening news. He is due to speak on ITV on Friday evening.

Many people have expressed their shock at the news. One doctor writes on the petition: ‘The area around the cathedral resounds with the names of Cardinals gone by, Manning House, Vaughan House, Cardinal Place - whatever the refurbished pub is called hundreds will still call it 'The Cardinal'. It would be a shame to lose what has become part and parcel of local life.’

Bishop John Arnold said: 'I think there should be a "good reason" for any change after such a long time. I personally know at least two other "Windsor Castles" and we are nowhere near the place in Victoria. I just think it would be a pity to change when the "Cardinal" suits so well - as adjacent to the residence of cardinals past - and future.'

Former MP Ann Widdecombe  commented:  'If this had come a day earlier I would have dismissed it as an April Fool, so outrageous is the idea. This pub is right at the heart of Westminster Cathedral's environs and Windsor Castle is many miles away. Is this the latest attack from secularism or just ignorance?'

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