Short film shows young carers in Lourdes

Recaps from St Charles Sixth Form College

Recaps from St Charles Sixth Form College

Showcasing the experiences of young people caring for the sick and elderly, a new 15 minute film ‘Lourdes, a Place of Pilgrimage’, has been produced about the Diocese of Westminster's annual pilgrimage to Lourdes.

‘Lourdes, a place of pilgrimage’  tells the story of the Diocese's 2010 pilgrimage to Lourdes, when more than 1,000 pilgrims travelled to the small town in the south of France where in 1858 the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to a poor, fourteen-year-old girl, Bernadette Soubiroux.

A central focus of the film is on the work of the Redcaps. In 2010 around 250 went to Lourdes as part of the diocesan pilgrimage. Their role was to assist pilgrims who were sick, wheelchair bound or needed assistance in any other way. The film also highlights the importance to pilgrims of prayer and devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary during the week long pilgrimage.

The film includes an interview with the leader of the 2010 pilgrimage, Archbishop Vincent Nichols. He said: "An important part of the pilgrimage is companionship, time when we sense that we are a family together and where we have the space to get to know each other. Our pilgrimage to Lourdes is that of a family that serves one another and a family that prays. At Lourdes, we see willing service and people helping each other and a central part of our pilgrimage is to look out for the needs of others and be generous and attentive in our response.”

'Lourdes - a Place of Pilgrimage' was filmed and edited by Bob Walters. Executive Producer of the film was Eddie Tulasiewicz.

The film can viewed and downloaded at the diocese's vimeo video channel at

This year's  Diocese of Westminster's pilgrimage to Lourdes takes place from 24 to 30 July 2011. The theme for the pilgrimage is  ‘With Bernadette : Praying the Our Father' . Further information is available from the Pilgrimage Office on 020 7798 9173 or by email to

Source: Archbishop's House

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