Workshop: growing old spiritually

Autumn in Regent's Park - ICN

Autumn in Regent's Park - ICN

Is ageing a blessing or a burden? This will be a core theme of a one-day workshop organised by the Mount Street Jesuit Centre in London's Mayfair next month.

"Church and society today are facing a profound challenge,: says Andrea Kelly of the MSJC. "How do we respond to an ageing population? What are the implications for the practical, emotional and spiritual support of older people? This workshop is for people of all ages with a interest in the graces and challenges of growing older - including older people themselves, their carers, and all people who work with them, accompany them, or minister to their practical or pastoral needs."

The workshop will look at how different views of age relate to the lived experience of older people - their hopes and fears, their problems and possibilities.  It will also ask how this experience might shape a spirituality of growing older.  It will be facilitated by Canon James Woodward, who has written widely in the area of Pastoral Theology and is an honorary Research Fellow in Practical Theology at Cardiff University, a lecturer in Health and Social Care at the Open University and an Associate Fellow of the Centre for Health Service Studies in Warwick Business School.

The 'Exploring the Spirituality of Growing Older' workshop will take place on Saturday 14 May from 11am to 4pm.  For more information, e-mail with your phone number or telephone 020 7495 1673.

Source: Jesuit Communications

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