Madrid: 'There Be Dragons' in WYD screening

In the run-up to World Youth Day in Madrid, there will be a preview screening of There Be Dragons, directed by Roland Joffe, two-time Oscar nominee, best known for his work on The Mission and The Killing Fields.

The film opens with the investigation of journalist Roberto Torres on a series of events that took place during the Spanish Civil War, revolving around the figures of his own father and a young priest, Josemaria Escriva de Balaguer. Through the story of his father, Roberto is on his way to discovering a terrible story of betrayal, jealousy, and death, but also of redemption and forgiveness, with the terrible backdrop of a nation torn apart by war.

The film's title comes from the expression used by medieval cartographers - Hinc sunt dracones -to identify potential hazards that could occur in those areas of the maps that were still undiscovered.

The expression 'there be dragons' is a powerful metaphor for a central theme in the film, which deals with how to address the challenges of this life and the way to overcome bitterness and hatred, so that justice can prevail against any personal desire for revenge. In the end, these interior dragons are the things that make us suffer: death, resentment, envy, betrayal, violence, pain ... All these dragons present us with challenges and invite us, tempt us, to respond in a certain way. “And what matters - as the character Abileyza says in the film – is how we face them.”

There be Dragons will be screened on 23 March at 7:15 pm at the Palafox Cinemas in Madrid (C / Luchana 15).

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