Party in Cathedral Piazza to support street homeless

Westminster Cathedral & Piazza  - pic ICN

Westminster Cathedral & Piazza - pic ICN

Campaigners will be holding a party in the Piazza outside Westminster Cathedral on Sunday 20 March to promote and defend the work of groups helping London's street homeless.

Westminster Council is proposing a byelaw to ban rough sleeping and giving to the homeless. There are many groups in London who regularly reach out to the homeless on the streets to counter hunger, loneliness and isolation.

An organiser said: "We invite you to come and see for yourselves the joy and humanity involved in caring for the homeless, and learn how you can respond to this inhumane ban.

"Come celebrate the positive impact of soup runs and groups giving to the homeless in Westminster, with food, music and fun provided!

"Street Party on the Piazza will be a vibrant event that families, businesses, local residents and Londoners from further afield can enjoy. The event will also be an opportunity to get to know your neighbours who both sleep on the streets and those helping them, in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

"So if you fancy a Sunday afternoon of food and music, seeing the good work done on our streets and learning more about how you can help London’s homeless, then come along to this wonderful event! The Street Party is free to attend and family-friendly, with children and people of all ages welcome."

The event will take place in Westminster Cathedral Piazza, 42 Francis Street, SW1P 1QW on Sunday 20th March from  2–4 pm.

The day will feature a host of soup runs and grassroots groups working with the homeless who will warmly invite you for some food, tea and a chat, together with our street friends in the area.

Supporters include:  Housing Justice, The Simon Community, Coombe Trust, Street Souls, The Pavement, Open Cinema, Apricots and More, Streetlytes, The Sock Mob, and many more!

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